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Cult of the Sphynx

Custom Tattoo's + Body Piercing


We are a private, vegan and eco-conscious tattoo studio situated in Wolverhampton City Centre. We offer high quality custom tattoos and body piercings in a sterile, safe and inclusive environment.

PLEASE NOTE - As a private studio we do not offer walk in appointments for tattoos or piercings! To arrange a booking please contact us via email, alternatively you can contact our artists directly by their chosen methods - these can be found on each of their Instagram profiles.


Our artists offer custom, predrawn designs and cover up tattoos, feel free to contact them directly via their chosen method about your query, (for cover ups please contact Bex, Kat or Sheri).

Unsure who to go to? Check out their Instagram profiles to see their portfolio of artwork and tattoos, or even drop the shop page a message!

All body piercings are performed using internally threaded/push-fit implant grade titanium jewellery. All instruments used are either disposable or steam autoclaved. 




Age restrictions apply. Please contact us for more information.

Each of our artists offer a range of merchandise such as t-shirts, tote bags, prints etc.


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Custom Tattoos

Body Piercing



The Team

I was an Art Teacher for over 10 years before deciding to change my career and follow my true passion in the tattoo and piercing industry. I apprenticed as a professional piercer in Nottinghamshire before making the move to train as a tattoo artist and am loving every second!
I graduated with a Fine Art degree from UCE in Birmingham which then saw me training to teach in Worcester. I was a Secondary Art teacher and Head of House in a top school in a local borough before realising life was too short and I spent all of my spare time (and money!) on my apprenticeships. I hold professionalism and learning at the top of my list and take every care to be as knowledgable as possible for my clients. I am certified in infection control and heathcare training and First Aid and am constantly evolving in my practice to ensure I keep on growing as an artist.
In the past I was a world recognised Fusion Bellydancer and won the title of Miss Fusion Bellydancer UK! I have travelled to teach and perform across the world. My favourite places to work in have been Rome, Buenos Aires, Washington D.C and California where I have many close friends who inspire me daily.I am a massive bookworm and enjoy good food and company. I am a crazy cat lady and mummy to my black moggy Mortie and crazy Sphynx cats, Pumpkin and Luna.
Lately, all of my attention has been on my tattooing career and learning from as many artists and studios as I can by attending lots of conventions and more recently travelling to guest with amazing studios and friends in the UK! So far I have guested at BlackMoon in Frome, The Old Smithy in Leek, Cosmic Monsters Inc in Bromsgrove and Lucky Rabbit in the Jewellery Quarter  with many more planned! I'm also a published artist with many pieces and articles in many issues of Skin Deep and Skin Shots.

I'm a blackwork artist at heart but do enjoy colour. I'm a versatile artist who can do many different styles but my favourite things to do are dark/occult themed pieces (skin witchery!), dark illustrative animals, spooky stuff and ornamental blackwork. I love large scale pieces and making art flow with the body.


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My name is Sam, otherwise known as Pumpkin Blood. I started my apprenticeship under the guidance of Bex in February 2017 up until the late summer of 2018. I have always wanted to be a tattooist and was lucky enough to start near enough as soon I left Sixth Form and because of working with such a strong team I was able to progress quickly into tattooing.

At Sixth Form I studied A Level Art, Business and English which I used to help me get an apprenticeship later on and are still beneficial in my career today; as well as this I am also certified in First Aid Training and Food & Hygiene. When I wasn’t busy completing coursework, I would spend a lot of time researching tattooing and putting together my portfolio ready for when I left Sixth Form to search for a studio that would take me on as an apprentice and here I am today!

In my spare time I play a lot of video games. I’m quite the nerd. I love all things pop culture, collecting figures/older games and going to the cinema. And food…. I love food. I enjoy reflecting these passions into my artwork, so a lot of my designs are inspired by pop culture/gaming which I would love to all day every day if I could!

Ever since I began tattooing I have loved doing full colour tattoos and making them as bright as possible! I have previously explored other styles such as watercolour, blackwork, dotwork and black and grey but I find myself most comfortable doing full colour pieces. As I have mentioned my favourite things to tattoo are anything related to pop culture such as characters, scenes or anything or even subtle references! I hope to explore more styles and tattoo different body parts as I grow further into my tattoo career.



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Co Owner of Cult of the Sphynx, I am also Shop Manager and Body Piercer here at Cult of the Sphynx.


I have always been interested in Body Piercing but first decided to train as a Level 4 Diabetes and Obesity Specialised Personal Trainer and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist and also qualified as a Doctor Referral PT and Massage Therapist to work along side the NHS. 

I later did an apprenticeship in Body Piercing and opened Cult of the Sphynx in 2016 with Bex. 

I am also Tech Support in the studio, maintaining the social media sites and machine maintenance.


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Pink! Pink! Pink EVERYTHING!

Cat mom, rescuer of baby birds!

Better known as Pretty Grotesque, Kat has been in the industry almost 8 years. She specialises in Japanese, Disney, Shibari and bright coloured tattooing.


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Petter of dogs. Fusser of cats. Dropper of ink caps. Kicker of buckets. Master of mops.

After studying Illustration at BCU, Amy went travelling the world in search of “purpose”, this purpose however it seems was to collect tattoos from all over Australia. After years of contemplating her “purpose” she was fortunate to land herself an apprenticeship in August 2019.

Amy has been drawing since the age of 8 years old, and she hasn’t allowed herself to stop! Her main focus is currently blackwork, dotwork and linework designs. But she is a versatile individual, always happy to take on a challenge. Some may say she is a maniac, due to her detailed dotwork drawings, as we are all sure you shall agree with.

The way to Amy’s heart is Bourneville, Coffee and Veggie Dippers!

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The Boot Factory. Unit 11, 22 Cleveland Road WV2 1BH

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